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Semo Outfitters is a waterfowlers favorite hot spot! We offer some of the best duck hunting in Southeast Missouri. Be it flooded corn, wheat,beans,rice,millet,milo,buck wheat, or timber in the backwater, we have it. We mainly shoot out of spacious pits, but get after them in layout rigs, dry fields, or where ever we have to go to get them. Using this tactic is the reason we average 5 birds per man for the season, not just limited times of the season.

For the first time we will offer spring snow goose hunts starting in February 2012, when the conservation order comes in. This is a very exciting hunt, e-callers, unplugged gun and lets get after them, right. That's great, but I also recommend the January time. No e-callers, plugged guns, but specks diving in 10, 50, 1500 at a time. Now were talking. Not only do you have a liberal limit of snows to gun down, but a prize speck with a chest full of bars to go along with it.

Semo Outfitters has also stretched it's wings to southeast Kansas. This area has unbelievable mallard and canada goose shooting. We sampled this area in the late season time frame of January 2011 with 100% success rates on big honkers. The duck shooting was no slouch either, gunning from the banks of the famed Neosho River, or dry field hunts. Either one, I'm in. Sticking with what makes us successful, we again will be shooting out of spacious pits over flooded corn in the Neosho River bottom. Or layout blinds wherever or whatever it takes to put limits of waterfowl in your bags.

Semo Outfitters is also offering for the first time trophy Kansas whitetails. Our Kansas property is 400 acres in Labette County with very little pressure due to large private leases all around this property. This area is truly a trophy whitetail hunters dream with 170" to 190" giants killed in this immediate area. We are offering a unique opportunity to chase these giants on this farm by allowing a maximum of three hunters in a group at a time. You or your party will have this solely for how ever long you want to hunt. That's right, you name it, $300 a day per person for archery and $500 a day per person for muzzleloader or rifle, as many days as you want. So, if you could not live if you were not in a tree, bow in hand, for the first 10 days of November, then it's yours. Or, if weekends are all you have and two days is all you can make it, they're yours. You pick the weapon and the days that fit you and make your own package for a chance at maybe a once in a lifetime whitetail.